Love/Lust: Yadviga Dowmont Halsey at 90!

In celebration of Valentine's Day & artist Yadviga Dowmont Halsey's 90th birthday, Juan Alonso Studio will be showing a series of her paintings based on "Lovers", February 1-23, 2018.

Yadviga Dowmont Halsey’s compositions are dreamlike studies in human nature. They are impromptu plays where the leading characters vary in emotion from the very tragic to the overjoyed and we, as the audience, provide our own individual interpretation of the drama before us. These paintings are about emotion, human interaction, memory and moments in time. They are psychological narratives layered with tragedy, frivolity and everything else in between.

Open to the public on:
1st Thursday, February 1, 5-8pm
2nd Saturday, February 10, noon-5pm
& by appointment: 206-390-4882
306 S Washington St, Studio 104
Seattle, WA 98104

Love/Lust : a wall of Yadviga Dowmont Halsey's  Lovers

Love/Lust: a wall of Yadviga Dowmont Halsey's Lovers