The act of creating, particularly painting, is a necessary form of meditation for me. It is the serenity I long for in life. 

My work is an on-going exploration of abstraction based on forms both found in nature and those conceived by human ingenuity. Memories of sights and sounds of my Caribbean origins always play an integral part in my creativity.  I am influenced by the organized balance, pattern and symmetry found in nature as well as that of architecture that lives in harmony with the natural world.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to create both studio work and public art projects. This has enabled me to challenge preconceived notions about the acceptance of art by the general public and the capability of the solitary studio artist engaging in collaborative ventures. As a believer that art has the ability and artists the responsibility to inspire social well being, I welcome the balance between the introspection necessary to formulate ideas in the solitude of the studio and the gift of sharing some of the benefits with society.