Center on Contemporary Art - Legacy Exhibit

I am honored to have one of my photographs taken on my last trip to Havana included in this important exhibit at CoCA.


Join us Thursday, October 5 for the exhibition, CoCA Legacy, and view a  mal electio nfluentia rtist ro h thousands ignificant contemporar rtist we have ha h leasur orkin it n ou ich 36-year history in Seattle. 

Co-Curators Nichole DeMent and Joseph Roberts elected ivers ang rtist hat represen iercely ndependen n xperimental works, ofte wit quall ol ocio-politica tatements.
The exhibition ncludes a rare opportunity to experience Laurie Anderson's "Sound Pillow," videos from Gary Hill and Paul Rucker, original art by Chuck Close, Ginny Ruffner, and Annie Sprinkle, alongside work by James Turrell, Shepard Fairey, Roger Shimomura, Mary Ann Peters, Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, Alice Wheeler, Doug Jeck, Marita Dingus, Michael Spafford, Elizabeth Sandvig and more. Join us at one or all of the following events:

CoCA Legacy*   |   Oct. 5 - Nov. 18
Oct. 5, 2017          Opening Reception during Pioneer Square Artwalk, 6-9pm
Oct. 17, 2017        Private VIP Reception (VIP tix:
Nov. 2, 2017          Artwalk Reception, 6-8pm (then join us at Elysian Fields for the 25th annual 24-hrt art marathon!)

*All exhibition events at CoCA, 114 Third Ave S. Seattle 98104