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Shawn Ferris

This month welcomes Front Room Gallery guest artist Shawn Ferris on 1st Thursday, June 6, 5-8pm.
On 2nd Saturday, June 8, noon-5pm, she will add more work as a pop-up show in the center of the studio.

1st Thursday, June 6, 5-8pm - FREE PARKING
2nd Saturday, June 8, noon-5pm
And by appointment:

306 S Washington St, Studio 104
Seattle, WA 98104


An influence on my creative process is the Oulipo, a literary group whose works are created using methods of constraints. The idea is that constraints challenge the imagination freeing it from its habitual modes and triggering the potential for new ideas and inspirations. (Structure equals freedom.) Through rules of constraint, that I impose on myself, I discover new dynamics in the formal elements of my paintings and drawings in support of the content of my image making.
Birds have long been the subject of my artwork. In contrast to the restrictions of the Oulipo birds, by nature, provide a vast range of diversity in form, color and characteristics. I love that such diversity is easily observable even in urban environments. Birds represent a sense of freedom -  via flight - and a sense of home - via nesting. Common urges to most of us. I also paint birds because I’ve never had a flying dream. Watching birds, painting and drawing them are my vicarious flying dreams. ~
Shawn Ferris

Shawn Ferris,   Spring Birds  , acrylic, ink on panel, 20” x 17””

Shawn Ferris, Spring Birds, acrylic, ink on panel, 20” x 17””

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