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Eugenio Cesar

Please help me welcome Cuban artist Eugenio Cesar to the Front Room Gallery, November 1 - 24, 2018.

There will be four openings:

1st Thursday, November 1, 5-8pm

2nd Saturday, November 10, noon-5pm

Saturday, Novenber 17, 11am-3pm

Saturday, November 24, 11am-3pm

And by appointment through November 24:

Front Room Gallery at
Juan Alonso Studio
306 S Washington St, Studio 104
Seattle, WA 98104

I am always amazed by the lines and curves, the structures and the landscapes and of course: the colors. The first picture is executed with my eyes and I print it in my brain, then I shoot with my camera and that's where it starts. She and I are one. Starting in this way to make you further understand the questions I ask the world and how it, in turn responds loaded with colors, forms and personal secrets, often enigmatic as my own self. My brain then makes my finger press the shutter automatically.

I use my skills to make the objects fall in step with me and show me what they know and what they hold back. With my work I try to break the laws of physics themselves and I fuse with the lights that I find in the night, transforming the matter that they illuminate into lines and forms. In that unique and precise moment: I shoot.

My photography could be defined mostly as nocturnal and in my technique I play with the diaphragm, speed and sensitivity, until I determine the correct exposure value. I speak to the world through my camera, and in return I capture an intimate view of the object as a result of our digital chat: an iconic image that will never be seen quite the same way again.

Eugenio Cesar -

 MOPOP, Seattle, WA

MOPOP, Seattle, WA

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